Who has never fallen in love?

by - junho 23, 2013

Who has never fallen in love? I know I have, a couple of times I may say! Falling in love is what makes the clock tick, the world go round... It is said that men and women love in different ways, maybe so, but I believe they are capable of falling in love, and of loving too much, like we usually do. The heart is definatelly a powerful organ, and it can control our every move, desire, hability to think, or no to. The heart knows where it wants to go, how it needs to feel, and if we don´t go his way, pain is in order.

I have fallen in love in a very serious and crazy way. I do not regret it, because it made me see the world in a totally different way, it opened my mind, all my body reacted, and it made me who I am today.

If you have never fallen in love, well, at least try to, for once in your life, and you´ll understand a bunch of things better.

Talk to me, those of you you who never did...

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