by - julho 06, 2015


I don´t want to be just on my side, only for me, without you, without knowing, but feeling that you are the one!

I promise to take it lightly, to accept that I am not always right, that I can let you choose, and simply follow my heart, no explanations, and calling your name, because you are the one.

Forever, and ever, you will be who I already knew, the soul that matched mine, the laughter I can recognise, no matter how far. You are the light that brings clarity to my heart, you are the one who makes sense, you are my one.

I know I should have let you go, that I could have accepted that we don´t belong together, not here, not in this life, but I still want you, I always will, forever, you can bring back what I have lost, so please make it work, be mine, still.

I know you need me, I know you dream of me, that you pay attention, that you are close, I know, because what ever comes from you, is mine, it belongs to me, and that´s the only way I can continue, having you is what makes my world go round, so please stay, forever, I am begging you!

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