Can´t get enough of your love, babe!

by - janeiro 07, 2016

Can´t get enough of your love babe. That´s what Berry White says in his song, and it is actually true, because I can´t either!

I don´t know why you make me feel this way, but please continue, take me to where heaven is, and let me drink of you. I´ll never have too much of you. I won´t look back if you ask me to go. I will not refuse any little piece of your taste, rapped in all the kisses my mouth recognizes. You are the answer to all my prayers, and you came with the colour that makes me smile and shine. You came as the bluest of skies, and that´s why I can´t get enough of all the joy you bring.

If you could at least see me like I do. If your love was as fearless as a knight, with his bright and shining armor. If all parts of you could fit in all of mine.

I won´t be waiting this time. We won´t be making love tonight, but I´ll keep on wanting the most of you, because I never got to get enough.

You were the one I was living for, you were my man, because I knew it, from the beginning, I saw the future of us, and every moment together.
You were my choice, my hope, the man I could carry throughout the times.
You were the one I could not get enough of, but eventually lost.

Let us hope, both, for a new love in a different place, filled with what we keep on needing, but failed to keep. I chose you once. I saw you first. I decided to let you go. I set you free. I remained as I was before, just me, alone. I loved you twice, three times, and was ready for more, until I could not get enough of your love, babe...

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