For you!

by - fevereiro 05, 2017

Antonio Mora:

Hello my love,

I have so many things I´d like to tell you. So many words wondering in my head as strong as every feeling I kept with me.

For you I still have the time, the memories, and this enormous love I´ve learned to carry. For you I have myself, wrapped in more than tears, even if crying may mean more than sadness. For you I have the body you grew to love and which felt yours as if it was the first. For you I still have everything that made you love me, and more.

I see you and feel you every second of my life, and can´t seem to find a way to let you go. I know, because I know you too well, that you are feeling me back, You are dreaming me still and you are wondering where I have gone. I am not leaving. I am not quitting. I am only giving you time to see me through.

I can´t help smiling each time I see your face facing mine. I know, as if it was written in me, that you are the love I need. I know it should be you for me, and it should be me for what I know you have.
For you I have forever and I´ll wait forever until you agree!

I´ll be back with more of the words I am gathering for you.

Love you my person,


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