Silence treatment!

by - março 14, 2017

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Feelme/Silence treatment! Tema:In English!

Silence treatment! That´s what weak people use, when they don´t want to face the truth!

We all do it, at some point in our lives, but it´s not nice, it´s actually ugly. I should have gone a different way, professionally. I should have followed psychiatry, in order to understand me better, and others as well, because the more I dig, the more I get chocked and overwhelmed with some people´s abilities.

The silence treatment, avoids the listeners to learn the true reasons behind something, and protects the speaker. They don´t say what is expected, and hide behind the inability to stand up for something, whatever that may be.

It´s really hard for me to understand it, though, because I tend to be as clear as water. What you see is what you get, even if you may not like it, but at least it´s not obscure. It´s not a fake or a mistake.

Silence treatment is coward behaviour and leaves the other with no choice but to imagine. Silence treatment shows no respect for others and totally ignores them. Words are meant to be used, and they have all been invented, so add them together and say what you mean and want. It can´t be that hard!

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