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There is nothing wrong with wanting to be only me, not forever, not all my life, but for now, until I restore myself, of me. There is nothing wrong with looking at me first, knowing what to expect from those around, the ones I still can´t read. There is nothing wrong with loving too much, if I do it on my own, without struggling to show me as I really am, if I don´t keep you from breathing.

You failed to see how I move. You looked aside and stepped back, so I had to move on. You gave up on all your promises and lost me as I will always lose you.

Maybe I am a fool, but I rather be the fool forever if I manage to stay true to myself. I believe in me and I feel that I can only keep on living, if I keep on learning. You taught me love. You taught me patience. You taught me trust and showed me how to use time.

There is nothing wrong with not having you now, I had you long ago and will keep you until I believe. There is nothing wrong with not feeling who felt me, so strong and so real I can still feel you. There is nothing wrong with wanting a miracle to happen. I tasted it once, so I can have it again. There is nothing wrong with admitting I no longer felt any other body, because mine still longs for yours.

I am taking care of me, like you would. I am smiling more often and dancing every day. I am casting my fears aside and being strong. I am here...

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