Until forever comes!

I know you will have the place no one else can. Even when I forget to let you know, everything revolves around the love I have for you, and on how much we can make each other be and feel!

Until forever comes, nothing can be remotely close to what you give me, and that´s how much I can change and be ready to go, for you.

We spend half of our lives dreaming of the right person, but when he finally comes, part of us questions reality and we end up wasting precious time, letting go the best of each other, allowing others to haunt the love we took so long to build. Believing, touching, trusting our guts, that´s what matters in the end. That´s why I know it will last and that you will be my best forever. The hand I can reach when in need. The only eyes that wont run from mine, because they match...

Until forever comes, please let me know I will always be the only one, and that time is what we need to find one other again. I will be waiting!

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