Lost, but free!

by - abril 06, 2017

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That´s how I feel now, lost, but free, alone, but more and more with me!

I never thought I had to give you up. I never wanted to stop wanting you. I never felt as if I were a fool because you made me feel everything I dared to dream.

Lost, but free. I wish I wasn´t. I wish I could go on believing. I wish I could only go on wishing. I have to start over. I have to learn how to be me again. I have to stop waiting because you´re not coming.

Easy to say. Easy to imagine, but so hard to do. Easy to give up and just pretend you were never here. Easy to start rebuilding, if only I could picture me doing it.

Miles and miles after the beginning, after those long first days, and I am still here and probably wont go anywhere. Days that turn into nights the minute I think of you. Pains I can no longer endure and thoughs I wish I didn´t have.

Lost, but free, that´s what I hear, but the apparent truth is so far from reality, because missing you is what I keep on knowing. Lost, but free, I will be, one day...

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