Some words will never be repeated again!

by - maio 08, 2017

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Feelme/Some words will never be repeated again!Tema:In English!

It is my truth now, and also a fact that some words will never be repeated by me again. I refuse to be the one who begs and seems to want the all of us. I cannot live, anymore, with the feeling that you are being pushed and washed away. I can no longer just want who seems to be unable to want me.

Some words will never be repeated again and you know I mean it. You saw it today You heard what was never said before, mainly through my silence. Some words will simply be put away, well hidden, locked and forgotten.

I don´t need to feel differently. I refuse to force you in any away. I just need to be loved, if not by you, and it was never by you, by someone who can see me. There´s so much more I could have given you.There´s so little you did not like. But there are still some truths we need to accept. The first one is that I heard you, and gave up. The second one is that you lost me, for good.

Some words will never be repeated again, not by us. Not again!

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