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What must it mean...

What must it mean, to really and phisically lose someone?

I can feel it in my bones, the despair, the fear, the hepllessness, and it hurts, as much as it would, if I really lost you now!

Some people are meant to come into our lives, to stay, or simply to make a way for others, for new plans, new beginnings. They will eventually arrive, and there´s nothing we can do to stop it, nor should we, because they bring something, they teach what was lacking, and I want to believe that they make us stronger, by rebuilding our character and finally shaping us.

I lost you, back there, to life, to your concealed wishes, to your fears, lack of love, guilt, or any other similar shit, but I refuse to really lose you, because I am not ready, not just yet.

What goes around comes around, so I will know, I will have the chance to understand, it has happened before. Waiting is the option, for now, nothing else I can do. I can take it, as long as I don´t really lose you!