Not knowing still

A C O N T R A L U Z ⚡️ M.2017© #retrato #portrait #mujer #woman #fotografia #photography #blancoynegro #blackandwhite #luz #light

I will keep on moving forward even not knowing where your love will take me, because I still did not give up sensing you, tasting the mouth I hear the best and the worst words from...

Louder than my voice speaks my heart, so loud it can deafen me, bringing down my strainghth, rising my fears, louder than the world outside is what I expect you´ll eventually say, hoping I don´t have to wait for too long.

Not knowing hurts inside and rips away each hope. Not knowing makes me realise I know nothing about you. Not knowing what love is for some, may not stop me from loving, but it will definately shut me down...

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