You lost me!

Feelme/You lost me!Tema:Inglish!
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I kept you around too long, waiting, hoping my desire would be enough to bring you back, but you ended up losing me!

I no longer need to beg, to see you in every dream, to breathe your scent, trying harder not to forget your face. Everything seems to have adjusted to the time, to the disappointment, because I apparently never got to know you at all.

Do you have any idea of how much I have loved you back then?, nothing in my world made sense if I could not include you, my strenghth was constantly restored, each morning I believed would be the one, when you would finally come back to hold me close and explain.

Life is a journey and at a certain point you will have to return, to stop running, bringing peace to both of us. No point looking back, no need to let me see you now, I gave you up, I don´t need to know, not now, not anymore!

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