Help me please...

adult, beautiful, blur

Help me please! Take this weight off my shoulder, let me go, let me live again, feeling happy all the time, knowing my path, being ready for another you to come along!

I miss you so bad, and my heart keeps warning me, "I´ll fail on you", and eventually it will. It won´t stop beating, but it will miss seeing who matters, who could come along and take the rest of you.

I hate these grey days, the ones in which I feel so down I can´t breathe, so angry and frustrated that I end up hating myself. I shouldn´t have let you enter and stay, you are in my skin, I can still feel you, I know every sigh you make, the way you smile, your deep eys in me, I remember every word.

I need you to help me, I don´t seem to know how to do it myself, I´m lost, I´m into you, too much. Just say the right words, talk to me and free my soul, PLEASE!

I no longer want to belong to you.
I need to be me, again.
I have to start over, to accept your choice, but if you could only explain...

This will definately be a long day, one in which I´ll have to be even stronger, because the world does not stop moving, and I´m expected to do things, to go places, to face everybody elses fears, and I just want to lay down and die.
Stop making me wait.
Stop punishing me.
Stop not knowing, and just help me...

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