We used to!

We used to figure it out, going the same places, and being the same ones. Nothing ever changed, not before, as it does now, the minute we walk out the door, because we´re not there, nor you, nor I. We should have learned how to fight our differences. We should have accepted us both, with what we brought to one another, but we simply let it all go. We used to be such good friends, laughing of silly jokes, wondering around for the same periods of time, and going whenever we had no other chance.
We used to love the same things, sharing the food and the sounds, dreaming of places where only one would never make sense.

Nothing is totally lost until we really lose it. Nothing seems far when we manage to stay close. And no distance ever separates who wants to be together.

We used to know what the other wanted, with no effort, no rules, free of charges. We used to know what was really important, and all the rest stood still, for as long as we made love. We used to know each other´s body, so well, that just looking turned us on.
We used to see us, in the future, in the exact place and time.

Are we truly lost? Can´t we simply go back? Please reassure me, but forgive me first, and I promise I will lock you in, you and the only heart in which I want to belong, because we used to be the only ones!

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