You and me!

Couple Hugging in Grayscale Photography
Feelme/You and me!Tema:In English!

What we have, you and me, will never go away. What we built, mainly me, feeds us everyday and through out the night. What we feel, when we are not feeling each other, hurts more than I can put into words, that´s why you and me will continue.

You and me are a serious case of heartbreaks. You and me can go too deep, but we still come back and keep loving the love we have. You and me are a match and nobody else will fill our place. You and me can go far, and we will, because I wont forget to remind you, everyday.

How could you only trust your truth? How could you let me go, without even looking, straight at my eyes? How could you forget our love and allow the world to dream for us, in our place? How can you, still, live without my touch, my smell, the lips which I stuck on you? How could you?

You and me will go on, for ever and ever until we stop being us. You and I can climb any mountain and face any fear, but only together. You make my world softer, but I rock yours so hard you will never stop having me inside. You and me are unlike any other, you know it, because there´s no way you couldn´t. You and me are a serious case of true love, that´s why I´m still here, waiting...

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