Nothing you do changes anything!

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Nothing you do changes anything! Sometimes that´s how life operates. You seem to have no power, no will, not enough dreams to live the only dream that makes sense.

I don´t want to believe that there´s nothing I can do to have things done. I don´t like the feeling of hopelessness that always invades me when I don´t succeed. I don´t like not to choose. I don´t like not liking my chances.

I hear lots of people saying the same, over and over again, that nothing you do changes anything, believing it sticks to your skin and prevents you from trusting life and love. I can always do something, even if doing nothing becomes the answer, because I wont let go of my power. It´s my life, and I am the main character, today and always.

Nothing you do changes anything if you do nothing!

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