Surviving us...

The History Of Colour TV - When Shapes Of Spilt Blood Spelt Love (CD, Album) at Discogs

Let´s skip the glory and the breakdowns. Let´s just be you and me, because I am as damaged and happy, and because you need me, too.

I am jealous, most of the times. I get angry, but I love you more and the most parts. I am weak, and so are you, so give up on judging. I break me from the inside, but I mind, and I mind you. I am helpless because you run away, half of the times, but I help you today and always. I refuse to give up, because I count on you staying. I die and come back, for you...

Let´s skip the blames and the yelling, we both need the truth and the silence that will tell us things. Let´s just save what we have left, and maybe tomorrow we wont have to feed on the blood. Let´s just keep on loving because I know I do, and I´m counting on you, too.

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