What are women doing?


Is it only me, or women are really drinking their lives out? We can check it up in movies and in real life, too. They are everywhere, with no limits, drowning themselves in big bottles of reds, whites, rosés, you name it and they can´t be stopped, apparently.

So what exactly are women doing? Is it a pattern? Is unhappiness spreading or do they simply love it?

It´s hard for me, a non-drinker, to understand, mainly because I like facing life, grabbing the bull by its horn and surviving catastrophies, even the small ones.

I´m not a judgemental person, but the message underneath really scares me. Nobody seems strong enough to endure simple problems, and the answer always comes in a shape of a bottle.

What are women doing? Probably trying to ruin their eggs for good, or simply wandering, with little answers and a ton of wrong questions...

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