Writing alone sucks...

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It is a fact that writing alone sometimes sucks. I would love to have people around, at the same page, knowing all there is to know about words and its impact on people. I mainly write about and for women, so having them close enough to understand wether I am really getting the point or not, would be SO good.

I miss friends, women friends, the opiniative type, the ones who are always involved in making us better, and crashing us down when we make bad decisions, althoug maintaining the same true love. I miss genuine women friends, someone to talk about anything and anyone. I miss longer hours of crazy laughs and common dreams. I miss being just a woman.

Writing alone keeps me away from others. I get the distinct feeling of self inflicted loneliness. Maybe I would love to have a voice of reason close by, someone to keep me from vomiting feelings so deeply, and someone to instigated me to being out there, not just behind scenes. Writing alone sucks when I really feel alone!

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