I don´t know who you are!

Kate Winslet

Your fear is as big as mine. You don´t know who I am, and curiosity almost kills you, but you don´t want to ask. Who goes first? Who wants to risk being rejected, or even worst, disappointed? Which one can assume the other feels the same, and wants to start something?

I can sense your fear, and how eager your eyes are when you search for me. There´s never enough time and no time alone. There´s always too many questions popping out and no answers yet. I could tell you a few, but I still don´t know how much you want to know. 

Love can be a pain in a neck, a tuff one, specially when a lot more can come along, weakening our will to start an adventure, all over again. I don´t know who you are, and how heavy your load is, but I´ll keep holding every will back, I have to, I´m too tired of hurting. I don´t know who you are, and I am not able to read between the lines. There´s so little of your days I can use, and so much of me alone.  I don´t know what to do, even when I think I´m doing something, but maybe there´s nothing to be done. Maybe there´s no us. Maybe it´s just me asking what may never me aswered.

I don´t know who you are, but I can feel your fear and it is as big as mine!

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