When life happens!

Did you know 1 in 10 US women suffer from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), which is a common, treatable medical condition characterized by ongoing low sexual desire that women find frustrating? We may have something that can help...  #womenshealth #sexualwellness #healthandwellness

When we talk about our life and death, everything changes and even being naturally strong becomes unnatural. We are all unaware of our own limits until we are tested. We evaluate and put all in perpective, when it´s no longer up to us to decide. We are weak sometimes, specially when being strong does not apply. It can happen to anyone. It can come out of nowhere to remind us of some tiny big details we have been putting off. It is real and it is often not possible to postpone.

When we talk about our life and death, it means we can actually die and it is no longer a thing of the  future, it´s reality striking. When we don´t care enough for our own time, wasting it, we realise there´s so much to regret resenting us for non-decisions and wrong ones. When we feel that feeling down and miserable will stuck to our skin and bones, we understand that there are bigger forces and uncontrolling wills. When we are down we can really fall deeper and simply stay there...

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