Life is tough!

As Nightbirde said, an american woman with less than 2% chances of surviving cancer - "You can´t wait for life to stop being painful, before you decide to be happy".

In the end it´s all about choices, hopes, desires and strong will. We are so much more capable of everything. We can recah higher and go further. We can give us chances that will take us exactly where we have invisioned. In the end, after the end of every day, we wont be the same, unless we refuse to change, to see, to trust and believe. In the end it´ll all be about how much we were capable of enduring, but figuring out the tiny little things around us, because they also matter and they also add up.

Life is tough, for most if not for all, but it is so amazing and fulfilling. Life comes at the exact measure of our hability to stand still, reaching for the strength we all have inside, but tend to forget. Life is this, here and now, so we better learn, fast, how to get the most of it.

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