I am so into me!

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I am so into me now, and not because I chose to. I am into me, because what comes from outside does not fulfill me anymore. Even the old songs, the music which made my body move, as it would with you, and for you, aren´t here any more. Not having you reminds me of who has always been around. Not knowing where to look, forced me to look back, to the right side, mine, at me. I am so into me now, because I am me again. I am so into me and with what I can do with my life. The way I want things to go. How fast I am pushing my desire to have someone by my side, you, whoever you are.

I should have known better. I should have learned before. I should have walked away sooner. I should have seen you...

Nothing we can do, when nothing can be done. Nowhere we can go, when there´s no place we can be.

I am so into me now, that all and everything will have to fit!

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