Plans for the future!

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Plans for the future, yours. Plans that will take you where you can already see beyond. Plans that may not include who you felt and learned to love, but you´ll be in each and all. Plans that wont let you fall, and let me tell you this, it is possible. You can start over with only small scars. You can start fresh, stronger, and a true believer. You can mend your heart and be free again.

Life shows us long and shorter ways. Life asks us questions, over and over again. Life brings us down to our knees when we carry doubts. Life sometimes is only life, for us to live and enjoy, but we fail. Life teaches us what we´re willing to learn. Life slaps both our faces, but also kisses us warm. Life can be you, when I see, but it takes you back, when I miss the point. When I take all for granted. When I´m weak and die each second of every minute. Life is surely me, all the way and every way.

Plans for the future, mine. Plans that I dare to make, even though making them is a privilege. Plans in which I long to include you. Plans that I can´t abandon or I will miss me in the process. Plans to survive my weaknesses. Plans to start over.

Plans for the future, ours. I which we had them now!

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