I fell in love with your love for me!

Ariel as soon as she turns human, the hair could have benn auburn, though...

I believe I fell in love with the love you had for me. You were too much of everything. Too much feeling. Too much jealousy. Too much commitment. Too much of all that I ever had before, so neither of us could stand it.

I still remember the way you looked, deep inside of me, just to try and see who had driven you mad. "Never in my life" - you used to say - "I felt something this similar, for someone, as I do now". I like to remember the words, even if some were harsh and painful, but they were you, and you were the man I loved.

The past has taken over. The present gave us up, so the future will definitely not include us...

I fell in love with your love, and believed it was true. I chose to trust in who you were, without knowing you at all. I was begining to give up on love, so you were sent to make me think again, because some of us can really love somebody, more than we love ourselves, and still not keep love at all!

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