Your love is as easy as loving you!

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Love is as easy as you can fit it in. It´s easy to know who and what we want. It should be easy to understand the reasons why we end up choosing someone. It has to be easy to follow the dreams that keep us dreaming.

Life is complicated enough, as we have no control on what happens, but whenever it accepts the love we recognize, it starts making all the rest easy enough.

It´s easy to love you, to see you when I wake up, and the exact minute after I go to bed. It´s easy because you are there, and it´s easy because we both know it.

Love must feel like home, so when we come back, after all the others and all the hours, we open the door back to what makes us happy. Just you and I, with nothing to tear us apart, easy is what we have, and easy is how we love.

Love has to be easy, I demand it now, and I won´t have it any other way!

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