The art of storytelling!

Creating a story from scratch, narrating and imagning places, people´s inteactions and plots, is what moves me daily. It´s a non stop of word flowing. A search for the most perfect life, relationship or career. It´s almost a curse, but a necessity and a hunger as well.

We, the ones who dare to use words for their own benefit, actually move others to feel them as if they could own them. I have been discovering different ways of expressing myself, and no longer believe that only written words are good enough. Being creative by enabling myself with different tools and storytelling what most certainly others will engage, is what moves me nowadays. The world can act as my personal stage and everything is possible, mixable and understood by interveners as pleased. I creat my story, but spread it out to who ever intends to use it.

The art of telling a story can be as big as the ability to grow an interest on various means. This is what being on the 21st century really means.

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