Things I´ll never have again!

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Things I´ll never have again. I wont have you. I´ll never have many of the little things that now seem so big. I´ll never feel your touch, or see your eyes as they looked at mine. I´ll never be kissed so pationately, that I could even feel your soul. I´ll never hear the words

Today is surely different from the day before, and because I no longer have you, it can never be like tomorrow. I know what was lost even before being found. I know how little I knew when you were here, when I could show myself in all ways. I know how much you´ll be missed, because I ended up not seeing you even when you were with me. There´s so much I already know, but nothing I can really use, because no part of you is close to any of mine.

There are so many things I´ll never have again, but I always knew they´d be missed as much as I miss you. I´m not counting. I´m not slowing down, but I´m not moving forward, not for now, not until you´re on the list...

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