I saw you!

I was having my first alone time after a difficult break up, a few days to refuel and restore my faith on humanity, and enjoying every bit of it all. I could actually bathe naked on the lake, eating the foods no one else likes, but I love; going to bed late after watching the same romantic movies, over and over again; reading aloud and really listening to the sound of my voice; painting and remembering the woman who didn´t stop existing, but who let herself be swallowed by life, obligations and other truths, which weren´t her own.

I was running out of supplies, so had to go shopping, something I don´t like at all, but reconecting to life outside the amazing bubble I was living now, was also mandatory, because I´d have to go back eventually, even though I knew for certain nothing would ever be the same again.

After buying a couple of magazines, I decided to go for a huge vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, sitting down strategically to be able to see every new face, imagining, as any good writer would, what their thoughs sounded like and where life was leading them. Suddenly, a feeling of being watched took me over, I could distinctly sense a pair of eyes at the back of my head. I shook a bit, maybe to send it away, but knew I had to face it.

There he was, smiling at me, knowing exactly what he was doing. What a handsome man, what a pair of blue eyes, amazing teeth and broad shoulders.

- May I sit?

- You already have.

- What is such a beautiful woman doing here all abandoned?

For as long as I remember, I have always impressed the male world. I am petite, but very elegant. My red hair tends to live freely, showing a wilder part of me that I actually don´t have. My eyes are deep green and my lips look as if they are always painted red. I really consider myself to be a beautiful woman.

- I am actually not alone - and has I tried to add more, he immediately started laughing.

- I am actually disturbing you, good to know. Where are you staying?

- At a cottoage by the lake.

- The blue one? So it was you who stole it from me this year.

I was unabled to relax, and a feeling of discomfort and pleasure was going up my spine. - I need to go back and start dinner.

- Good, I am going with you, we have a lot to talk about.

- Are you making yourself invited?

- I am, so let´s move on to what is really important.

As I glimpsed back to see his convertable, couldn´t help thinking that these things don´t happen to someone like me. He is a trully impressive man and his confidence shows itself distinctively.

- Can you really cook? - He asked ironically.

We talked about everything, us and the ones we used to have. He are both doctors and recently divorced. He told me that not agreeing about having children, ended up his relationship. His wife was more devoted to the her career, but he could see himself as a wonderful father. What exactly do people say about coincidences? Wanting to be a mother and finding a strong and determined wall of refusal on the other side, worned me out too and brought me here.

I can´t stop looking at his lips and imagining how good it must be to have mine touched by them.

- Don´t you feel as if we were meant to meet?

- Let´s set the table, shall we?

- Nice escape, but for a good reason. Let´s check your culinary attributes.

The food was obviously very good, as I am an excellent cook, but the ambience was even better. I felt like I could relax and enjoy, and so I did. He opened the only bottle of Merlot I had brought with me and looking at him sipping it as his blue eyes glued on mine, made the swallowing quite hard, and the imagination free to fly high.

Washing the dishes turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. He leaned on my back and started using his hands to follow mine, breathing so heavily, that every vein of my small body threatened to burst. Our lips finally touched and the kiss became the undeniable confirmation, we were really meant to be. We lost track of time and made decisions no one verbalized but knew would happen.

How can a stranger be so familiar? Why did I have to come so far to meet the better part of me? Who was this man sent by? 

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