Me, just like I am!

I am a lot more than ever thought possible. I learn, each day, how to brighten up my days, being who I can recognise and respect!

Living alone and facing my challenges, has empowered every bone on my tiny body, the same one I push on to 10 kilometer walks, along with challenging runs and all other physical exercises that can give me back the woman I once were.

The world has changed, but so have I and now, more than before, I feel ready for everything. The warrior in me shows different paths and makes me face every fear. There is nothing I cannot do, so the world will eventually become my home.

Using words connects me with a lot more souls, some suffering and others thriving. I know its power and want every bit of it to inflate my now stronger heart. I keep on learning about my role and therefore intend to leave a definate and clear mark on every close touch. 

I am ready to accept a new love, because with it will also come the truths I have been hiding, not only from me. I am a better version and being more visible will take me to where I should have been by now. I am the woman you will want to meet, so be prepared. 

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