Parts of me seem to have been ripped out!

Empty hands and broken heart

Parts of me seem to have been ripped out. Time stopped running, or maybe it just went wild and free without me handling it right. Parts of my soul will never feel the world the same again, but that was probably meant to happen. Parts of my heart were glued to a new reality, to some of the bitterly sweet feelings that I need to absorb or let go. 

My deepest fears were tested to the limit. My hability to understand the floods, big waves and intense droughts, became noticeably weak. I never felt I could be on top of the world, so I kept on falling, deep into the darkness, failing to breathe properly, so afraid of never returning to life as I know it. My skills, the ones I thought I had, never showed up, and I let myself down every time. My tears had no taste, but my mouth was filled with flavours I don´t want to try ever again. My eyes saw the unthinkable, and my hears heard all the ugly words I dared to repeat. My hands became empty and so is everything else, for now.

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