Can we really cope?

Adjusting to a new society is though. Knowing the right steps to emotional freedom a longing island, but it becomes harder when we´re talking about wealth. Buying and buying, getting more of what we actually don´t need, and showing, others, how much we are "worth" through what we have, impelles us to get there, but frustrates us when we don´t.

Where exactly are we now? What have we achieved and how much did we recede? Who do we expect to be in a few decades and what price do we have to pay to simply fit in?

I feel like we´ve just hit rock bottom when it comes to human behaviour, but has often said, once down, the only way is up. We´re kind of lost and disturbed by different views of the new era. Nothing is comparable or similar to what our parents and grand parents used to be, live and know, so we are crawling, getting the first steps and actually falling too many times.

What can we expect from now on? Who will save us from ourselves, once we choose to embarc on a journey of no return? Who will be safe and strong enough  to resist the unknown?  

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